Why choose a compass as a personalized gift?

compassIt can be downright hard to come up with a meaningful gift for some people.  There are some of those close to us that we feel it is worth to track down and find that special gift.  If that person in your life if a boater then a personalized gift might be just the right gift.

First off, a compass is a rather useful tool to have aboard a ship.  Sure, now a days everyone has a GPS set up to give them precise location and all.  But there are weaknesses to those systems.  What if the power goes out?  Perhaps a storm might block the signals coming from the satellite.  Or then again, it is a computer system, at times computers just stop working.  Being out on the ocean is a bad place for equipment to fail, doubly so if you have no back up.  So to start off with the compass is quite the useful nautical gift.

Secondly once you have it personalized it can really take it form a functional piece of kit to a treasured possession.  But there is no need to simply have it read the person’s name.  Why not go the extra step, add in captain and the name of their vessel.  You have not only given this special person a wonderful gift to make sure they are safe, but have made them feel like they are quite the nautical powerhouse.

This gift can even function as a keepsake long after their vessel is sold.  It can be carried on to future vessels or can simply be displayed as a conversation piece on a coffee table or as a proud display in a study or other nautical themed room.  Though, a proud piece as this might not even make it to the boat and see the sea.