Space- saving boat ideas you’ll want for your home

There is never quite enough space to put everything you need on a boat.  In many cases the same can be said about a home.  While you don’t need to necessarily need to lash things down in your home when a storm blows in, there are quite a few ideas and products that while originally made for a boat can be of great use in one’s home.  I’ve found a few such items and have highlighted them here.

canvas buckets

The first item would be these canvas buckets.  While they are wonderful for storing any number of things from toys to laundry to sports supplies, they can collapse down to just about nothing.  They can easily be stowed away under or to the side of many things in your home and pulled out for quick access. 

drawer pulls

The next item on the list are these smart drawer pulls.  Now only do these look sharp but in a smaller kitchen they can save those precious inches by not having a knob sticking out from the drawer.  They may even be useful for kitchens with more space if you were to find yourself bumping or getting caught on the pulls.


These nettings would look familiar to any nautical man or woman right off.  The good news for your home is that you can use them put away a great amount of things.  You can store your child’s toys or pillows or blankets.  Then when not in use it will pull back tight to save you storage room.  As they come in numerous sizes you can size your netting to exactly the size you require.

brackets to your counters

Why not add some brackets to your counters?  You simply pull up more counter space when it comes time to do work and when that work is done you can drop it back down to give yourself room to move about.  This can double your work space but still allow you to move about your kitchen.


Sometimes a kitchen can get to be quite a mess.  Just think of all the space used and wasted to stack plates and cups.  This organizer lets you keep that you need short of the utensils.  And it can be mounted up to the wall.  Not only do you have everything put up and out of the way but you can also quickly see how many plates and cups you have at the ready so you know if you need to clean some before the next meal.