How to choose unique name for your boat?

boat namesThat magical day, you finally own your boat.  It may be a mere pleasure vessel or it may be a beautiful sailboat to carry you around the world.  Boat owners love to have a name for their vessel.  The problem can set in, just want do you name it?  There are a number of things to consider when thinking the idea over and there are some practical considerations to make as well.

First off, think of registering the vessel.  Smaller craft won’t need a formal registration and so you can call it whatever you would like to for fun.  But once you register it and find a harbor or berth to keep it at you’ll need to consider other people as well.  If you are part of a club or the like there may be a list of names that has already been used.  You could add II to the name if you really wanted, but it may be easier to go with something all your own.

Next off think of the worst.  Imagine you are out at sea and a terrible storm rolls up to you.  You’ll want a name that can be communicated easily over the radio.  You’ll want to make sure that anyone who has to come out to save you will know just what vessel they are searching for.

Also consider just how the name you pick will be perceived by others.  Calling a vessel “3 Sheets” may just convince people that you are just headed out to get drunk and drift.  Various entities, such as the Coast Guard might keep a bit of a closer eye on you.  But also consider what other people may think if you get around to bragging about your boat.

After ruling so much out, just how do you pick a name for your vessel?  One way is to go with a woman’s touch.  Since boats tend to be referred to as a “her” there may be a special lady in your life that you want to name your boat after.  Then you can always select one of the roman/greek/norse gods of mythology.  Just as easily you could pick something pretty as Prairie Dancer or Dragonfly.  Or if you want, why not have fun and confuse people while you are at it.  You could call it something off the wall like Cold Soup and make people wonder if that has some special meaning for you.